Members of PNHB enjoy parties, eating, dancing and even holidays!

Some of our past events are displayed below. To see more, take a look at Archive in the menu.

Lunchtime feasts

We have a potluck lunch on a Wednesday just after the start of each term. These are in the time slots between morning and afternoon band rehearsals. One or more of our ensembles entertain us with music.

Also at lunchtime, we have a Christmas noon feast of potluck.

Evening events

Our big social events are a Halloween dance/party and a Spring Social. Both are potluck, with entertainment by several of our own ensembles.

Other events are also possible.

Holidays together

Band holidays have usually been arranged about every two years. Groups of 20 to 30 musicians plus our supporters (relatives, friends) travel together following practices through Summer and Fall to prepare a concert to take to a holiday destination. So far, these fun adventures have included a cruise and two trips to Cuba.

Joining with other bands

At least once a year, one of our bands joins with another Ontario band for a joint concert.