Introducing PNHB

PNHB is an incorporated, not-for-profit, charitable organization governed by a nine-member board of directors. Many more volunteers help in various capacities

We are 225 (and growing) music-and-fun-loving members of all ages who play brass woodwind and percussion instruments in five concert bands.

And everyone's welcome to join and enjoy a fun, learning experience. You have no musical experience? We'll help you learn to read music, play and enjoy.

Our schedule

Each member plays in one or more of our five bands, and many also play in one or more of our ensembles (see menu above for details). The Green band, which welcomes newcomers, practices on Mondays and Thursdays in the Fall and Mondays only from January to the end of May. Our four concert bands — Jubilee, Allegro, Skylark and Odyssey — practice on Wednesday mornings or afternoons. Fees for the bands are Fall term $155, Winter term $135, and Spring term $115. Because Green band in autumn meets twice a week, the Green Band Fall fees are $240.

Our concerts

Twice a year, near Christmas and just before summer holidays, all five bands perform in concert. The ensembles perform during the year at senior's residences, schools, at community events and for our own events. Every year, late May or early June, members of the Green Band show what they have learned during the year. If you are thinking of joining the band, this is a great opportunity to see what to expect and to meet members, conductors and coaches.

Our experienced teacher/conductors

The five bands are conducted by five paid, experienced and lively conductors, who challenge the abilities of each member. As well we have paid, experienced coaches who work biweekly with instrument groups in each band.